Bart Jacobs is professor of computer security at Radboud University and the scientific leader of the PEP project.

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Jean Popma is project manager of the PEP project.


Kai van Lopik is a scientific programmer with a background in commercial software development. Focusing on usability and maintainability, he strives to make PEP as simple as possible (but no simpler).


Hans Harmannij is a Scientific Programmer. In the PEP project he works on authentication, access control, and interfacing with software and procedures used by research groups.

Mathijs van de Ven is a software developer at the PEP team. Maintainability and readable code are among his focus areas.

Joep Bos-Coenraad is project leader and developer at PEP. Aside from software development Joep has a background in physical sciences, academic research, politics and entrepreneurship.

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Wiske Houtsma has a background in AI, and started in 2023 as a part of the PEP-team as a software developer. Some of her special interests concern security, privacy and sustainability.