List of publications

PEP Whitepaper: Polymorphic Encryption and Pseudonymisation for Personalised Healthcare (Web) (PDF).
A publication in the Cryptology ePrint Archive (2016/411) by Eric Verheul, Bart Jacobs, Carlo Meijer, Mireille Hildebrandt, and Joeri de Ruiter.

Presentation slides on PEP (PDF).
A presentation at ECP/PI.lab in The Hague by Bart Jacobs et al. Feb. 22 2017.

Polymorphic encryption and pseudonymisation in identity management and medical research (PDF).
A publication in the Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde (NAW 5/18 nr. 3 september 2017).

Medical research, Big Data and the need for privacy by design (Web).
A publication in Big Data & SocietyVolume 6, Issue 1 by Bart Jacobs and Jean Popma. Jan. 18 2019

The Personalized Parkinson Project: examining disease progression through broad biomarkers in early Parkinson’s disease (Web).
A publication in BMC Neurology (19, Article number: 160, 2019) by Bas Bloem et al. Jul. 17 2019.

Collecting and sharing biometric data: privacy by design in practice, iHub Seminar (Youtube).
A presentation video by Jean Popma, Okt. 2019.

Data Protection Using Polymorphic Pseudonymisation in a Large-Scale Parkinson’s Disease Study (Web).
A publication in Journal of Parkinson's Disease, vol. 11, no. s1, pp. S19-S25, 2021 by Bernard van Gastel, Bart Jacobs and Jean Popma. Jul. 16 2021

Protocol of the Healthy Brain Study: An accessible resource for understanding the human brain and how it dynamically and individually operates in its bio-social context (Web).
A publication in PLOS ONE (17(4): e0267071) by Healthy Brain Study consortium. Dec. 29, 2021.